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MinhJet Takes Race #5 to GOLD place at Reno 2016

September 2016 Reno Stead Airport, National Air Race Championship.

Since the Reno races in September 2015, MinhJet and the Noel Air Race Team have spent countless hours squeezing every bit of power from the engine and smoothing out every piece of turbulence inducing material on the fuselage. 

This effort really paid off in 2016 and allowed race pilot Rick Vandam to bring Race #5 over the line in first place in the Jet GOLD race! 

The Noel Air Race Team take the 1st place GOLD trophy

Race 25 and 555 leave Hollister HQ at 09:00 after a brief crew briefing. Race 25 pilot Mike Steiger was joined by NART race team owner Ed Noel piloting Race 555.

       Mike and Joseph preparing for the flight to Reno Stead


Race 5 left our Hollister HQ today at 14:45 under the command of Vicky Benzing. Vicky braved the 100 degree CA weather and made the thirty five minute journey to Reno Stead saying that Race 5 was performing well. Race 5 will be piloted in this years Reno Air Races, as in recent years by Rick Vandam.

We are in full preparation mode for this years Reno Air Races (9/16 - 9/20). 
MinhJet is putting four L39s in the air and there is still much to do. 555 (jet race safety) is good to go, Race 5 and Race 15 are in the final stages of race preparation. Race 25 is where all of the "fun" is! 

Race 25 was recently acquired by NART (Noel Air Race Team) and needed some special attention to get the aircraft ready for racing. Race pilot Mike Steiger will be flying Race 25 at the Air Races this year and has already been putting the aircraft through its paces at our facility in Hollister CA. Steiger reports that Race 25 is "in good shape for some competitive racing this year"..... see you in September.

Reno Pilot Racing Seminar (PRS) Reno Stead Airport  6/17 - 6/20, come see us!
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